Derailed is a location-based mobile game in which commuters band together to defend their train against an onslaught of adorable goo goblins. It takes the tried-and-true tower defense genre and pumps it chalk full of social-local-mobile steroids. When players join the game, they are automatically grouped with all passengers riding the same train. At each stop along the commute, a new wave of enemies invades each car. Players work together to place defenses and combat these resilient foes. A seamlessly integrated chat interface helps facilitate this interaction.

Derailed implements a unique three-level navigational scheme. The lowest level is inside the train. Here the places defenses and combats the enemy. A simple pinch zooms out to the second level, where the player examines the inhabitants and score of each car. Another pinch zooms back to a train overview, where the player sees the game's percent completion. The player glides between levels throughout game play to gather information about the war.

Derailed will launch with the series of augmented reality posters seen above. To the average commuter this poster may spark mild interest, but for Derailed players it has a special significance. When they examine the QR code, the image is augmented with a picture of the current train leader. This gives hardcore players a sense of ownership, and a clear personal goal with each game. We hope non-players will be intrigued by this interaction and pushed to learn more.