Creative expression should not be bottlenecked by simple inputs like sliders and knobs. Kinectrak lets DJs to use their bodies for MIDI input. Effect parameters, filters, faders, track focus, and beatjump effects are all manipulable using a combination of postures and gestures. A minimalist gesture language keeps the interface lean and approachable.

Kinectrak uses Synapse to obtain the user's skeleton, then sends these data over OSC to a custom-built Max MSP patch. Max parses this information, maps it data to an appropriate range, and forwards it to Traktor as MIDI commands. Max also maintains a simple state machine to determine where its output should be sent. If the user’s hands are apart, we route input to Traktor's FX panel and use it to control reverb, feedback, distortion, etc. If the hands are touching, input goes to Traktor's Filter controls (a hybrid LPF/HPF). This simple gesture allows DJs push and pull frequencies about the spectrum.