Abstract animation made in Maya 2010 & After Effects. An experiment in using Maya's MEL scripting language to drive animation properties via audio amplitude. 


Animation made using Maya 2010, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. This was an experiment in integrating animation into live action video. Camera tracking analysis was performed in Matchmover, then exported to Maya to ensure the rendered camera was aligned with the filmed version. The results are somewhat sketchy but occasionally it clicks. HDR lighting, from images captured within the gallery itself, was also used on the models. The project was finally completed over something like a 72-hour sleepless stretch, and there's much I'd still like to add/repair. The one that irks me the most is how my 3D texture doesn't stay properly attached to the model, it seems to 'move through' the texture instead. Also IK skinning became a huge problem as animation proceeded. Some other future improvements would include a shadow/ambient occlusion pass, reflections, glass shattering at 1:05 and a full foley.

Animation made using Maya 2010 and After Effects. Really an experiment using Maya's powerful brush engine to generate organic objects. These grasses, trees and plants can have their attributes dynamically controlled and keyframed for animation. That's what I did here!