Been to a museum lately? You probably saw more people viewing art through their phones than their own eyes. While technology empowers us share our experiences, it can also erode their quality.

When the Andy Warhol Museum brought us this problem we responded with Unboxed, a physical-digital experience that lets visitors learn about Andy Warhol's art by collecting it themselves. As visitors explore the museum, Unboxed surfaces pieces from the surrounding collection. See one you like? Add it to your virtual time capsule. This capsule grows throughout the journey, and when it concludes visitors can grab it in physical form from the museum store — a sealed cardboard box stacked with photos, stickers, tokens and figurines representing the pieces they collected along the way. 

Designing Unboxed was year-long journey comprising qualitative research, rich ideation and iterative, human-centered design. We built domain knowledge through on-site visits to leading museums, then employed contextual interviews and co-design activities to understand the opportunity space. We synthesized our findings into 6 potential visions for the future Warhol experience, and sketched over 300 individual concepts (in fairness, most of them shit). After several rounds of prototyping and on-site testing at increasing fidelities, we finally arrived at concept video and exhaustive spec.